Writer's Notebook Prompts

1) What advice did friends or family members give you before you started high school? What advice did you give yourself?
2) For Parents' Night: Write a letter to the person you live with, telling them about your year and a goal that you have.

3) "A Sound of Thunder":
Analyzing Literature: Pick 1 to answer
  • What might “the sound of thunder” symbolize?
  • What do you think is the theme of the story? Bradbury’s lesson for us?
Connection Questions: Pick 1 to answer
  • What happens when you leave the “path” in your life? How can your actions affect others? Can your actions impact or destroy the future in any way?
  • What are actions that we humans are doing now that can hurt our future? Better it?

4) Have you ever thought that a person reminded you of a specific animal? Think of 5 people that you know best. For each, pick an animal that represents who they are. Explain your choices.